Head On Over to My New Home!

3 Jan

Hey there guys! I’ve been busy over the past few months, working to bring you something new. Today I’m pleased to announce that my new website is live, and here are the details.

The address

Go on over to The Connected Writer and pay me a visit.

What’s in it for you?

Six launch posts are already up, featuring the advice of some amazing people. They’re listed below, just as a heads-up.

  • Danny Iny, from Firepole Marketing
  • James Clear, from Passive Panda
  • Chris Brogan, from Human Business Works
  • Sean Platt, from The Digital Writer
  • Benjamin Yoskovitz, from Instigator Blog
  • Paul Rega, featured here on Amazon

The concept

The Connected Writer approaches writing from the outside in. Hence, writing lessons will be brought to you from other fields, including business, technology and creativity. I’ll also curate noteworthy content designed to make you think, create and live much better than before. Last, I’ll also help you get a handle on technology, by touching on new apps, programs and services designed to make you a better, more productive writer.

What’s coming next

Over the next few weeks, I’ll slowly move my content from this blog to there. What I can’t move will remain here, but I expect that ninety percent will move house, as we all like to say. I hope you’ll join me, and here’s to our continued relationship this year and beyond. Thanks for sticking with me here at Writing Off the Rails, and I hope to bring you even better content over at The Connected Writer.

One Response to “Head On Over to My New Home!”

  1. MG WELLS (@MG_WELLS) January 5, 2013 at 6:06 pm #

    Congrats on the new site, Bea! I hope our interview doesn’t get lost in the transfer. All the best in 2013

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