Review : Enterprise Games

7 Oct

Enterprise Games Cover

Book Facts

Enterprise Games : Using Game Mechanics to Build A Better Business
By Michael Hugos
O’Reilly Media


Having recently taken a course on gamification, this book was of very special interest to me. Since I learned many of the conceptual frameworks through my course, I was looking to supplement that knowledge with case studies.

For that purpose, I am glad to say that this book does quite admirably. I’m very glad to count it among my possessions now, and I’m happy to tell you why. 

First, as I mentioned earlier, the book brings together many useful examples. Be it in sales, supply chain management or even data modeling, this book is sure to show how games can be introduced to different settings.

Second, and this seems to be a trend among the books I reviewed, you really will have no trouble reading this work. The organization is great, and the wording is not excessively technical.

So, if you fear that this book will only work for those in the game/gamification industry, you’d be dead wrong. Any layman will be able to understand Enterprise Games, though knowing about certain concepts will bolster that understanding.

Having said that, the last thing I can discuss is the content, and I’m happy to assure everyone that this book has real meat.

You’ll learn a lot, if you care to read it cover to cover. Not only will you discover the solid rationale behind introducing games to an enterprise, but you’ll also understand how games are being utilized to make work a better phenomenon.

As a last note, I’d most like to suggest this book to those involved in the study or practice of gamification. I’m sure you’ll find it useful to deepen your knowledge about the field.

On the other hand, for those who are uninvolved, I still recommend that you pick this up. If you want to be at the forefront of new practices in modern business, this book serves as an excellent resource.

Where to Buy

O’Reilly Media Catalog for Enterprise Games


In the interest of Federal Trade Commission guidelines and covering my legal bases, I got this book free of charge via my involvement in the O’Reilly Media Blogger Review Program. That said, this review is entirely my opinion, after my reading of the book. I would also like to assure everyone that I was not paid to give any particular rating to the work, and that my rating is my personal choice.

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